Kylemore Abbey

For decades, the Irish public house has been a social and community hub for the people of Ireland.  Irish pubs are famed for music sessions. What is a session, you ask?  Imagine a group of talented musicians who come together at the pub after a hard day's work to have a pint, play their instrument, sing songs, tell stories, dance and put on a fabulous show that will knock your socks off having never stepped on a stage.  Welcome to Ireland!

Pub Sessions

If you love adventure you will be right at home in Northern Ireland.  The Carrick-a-Rede Rope Bridge originally consisted of a single rope hand rail which has been replaced by a two hand railed bridge.  Once you reach Carrick Island, the reward is seeing the diverse birdlife and an uninterrupted view across to Rathlin Island and Scotland.  There is only one way off the island - back across the swinging bridge!  Don't look down!

Carrick-a-Rede Rope Bridge

Traditional Irish music is a full body experience: the upbeat tempos compel you to dance a jig, clap your hands and join in.  And that's what music is all about, joining in and enjoying the craic (fun).  If you have never been to Ireland to experience the craic, Nashville is a great place to get your first taste of Irish music since Music City has its own vibrant musical culture.  But did you know that the Irish music culture and the Nashville music culture are related?  Settlers in this area came from Ireland and Scotland and brought their music and dance with them.  Consider finding out for yourself - explore music in Ireland - go for the craic!

Irish Music

Wild?  Absolutely!!  The Wild Atlantic Way is 2500km of rugged coastline, ancient castles, dazzling sunsets and colourful local characters.  Ireland's epic coast is home to the world's longest defined touring route.  Waves, wind, super-fresh bursts of Atlantic sea air - all these things have shaped the wild and magical coastline along Ireland's western seaboard from Donegal to Cork.  But you must experience it for yourself - this place where land and sea collide and where untamed beauty abounds.  Go ahead - get wild!

Wild Atlantic Way

We love heroes and especially superheroes!  As you explore Ireland's northern coast you will come upon a most unusual and breathtaking sight - the Giant's Causeway.  Flanked by the wild North Atlantic Ocean and a landscape of dramatic cliffs, this geological wonder has inspired artists, stirred scientific debate and captured the imagination of all who see it.  Legend has it that Fionn MacCool was challenged to a fight by a Scottish giant.  Fionn accepted the challenge and built the causeway across the North Channel so that the two giants could meet in the middle.  Standing there for yourself is the only way to unlock the mystery.


Do you love to discover beautiful places?  If so, Ireland is the place for you.  Kylemore is home to a community of nuns of the Benedictine Order who came here in 1920 after their abbey in Ypres, Belgium was destroyed in World War I.  Settling at Kylemore, the Benedictine Community opened a World-renowned boarding school for girls and began restoring the Abbey, Gothic Church and Victorian Walled Garden to their former glory.  It was originally built by MItchell Henry in 1867 as a romantic gift for his beloved wife.


MARCH 2018